Legal Consultation

We advise and represent you, comprehensively and unrestrictedly in the entire data protection law, by virtue of our authorization as a lawyer’s office. Our strategic consultation, through well-founded legal assessments and the resulting expert opinions, enables the flexible development of business models and propositions. This protects you and your company interests, even when facing political decisions and changing legal situations.     In addition to the legal situation, we also take into account your sector-specific environment and regulatory requirements. By capturing the current and anticipating future legal regulations, we are able to advise you in all facets of data protection law. This, of course, takes into account current legislative developments at national, European and international level.

Target Group Companies that seek strategic legal advice on data protection issues.

How do we help you?

  • Employee data protection (applicant management, use of Internet and E-Mail, electronic access control, GPS tracking, teleworking, electronic personnel monitoring, employee surveys, employee publications, data transmission)
  • Data protection in the Internet (design of websites compliant with data protection, webshops)
  • Due Diligence (data protection)
  • Procedure and clarification in case of unwanted, unlawful data loss or data processing (“data-loss-reaction”, “data-loss-clarification“)
  • Consensus and process design in association with customers, social and employee data (e.g., shared service center)
  • Data protection assessment (e.g., within pre-control)
  • Product-related privacy advice (“privacy by design”)
  • Cross-border data transmission, especially in countries outside the European Union/European Economic Community (EU/EEC)
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
  • Outsourcing of data processing (order data processing) – Cloud computing
  • Telecommunications Data Protection
  • Representation before the data protection authorities and courts
  • Video Surveillance
  • Promotional approach of customers (dialogue marketing)

We are in contact with law firms in other European countries. Therefore, we can also advise you when dealing with data protection issues in another European country.

Your advantages through our legal consultation!

  • space for new ideas
  • possible solutions
  • change of perspective
  • corporate security

In case of topics going beyond data protection, such as questions of labor law, we can make use of knowledge from within the beratergruppe:Leistungen. This allows us to provide custom, interdisciplinary advice from lawyers and tax accountants.

Do you have questions? Please contact: RA Nicole Schmidt, LL.M.