European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe)

The European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) is the only official, independent and EU-wide data protection seal. It certifies your IT products and services as well as homepages, which comply to European data protection law. The seal is awarded by EuroPrise GmbH and enables your company to prove compliance with data protection standards and regulations.

The seal has a validity of two years. There is a possibility for simplified recertification. As accredited legal and technical experts, we support you in the preparation and the evaluation process and accompany you on the way to a successful certification.

Target Group

Companies that want to certify their IT products and services or websites according to European data protection law.

How do we help you?

  • Preparation phase (pre-audit to prepare for the actual audit, determination of possible optimization requirements, determination of the evaluation object)
  • Assistance with the application at the EuroPriSe test center
  • Support during the process (elaboration of the evaluation method, evaluation of the certification object, preparation of a long-term evaluation for the EuroPriSe auditing agency, finalization of the long-term evaluation in compliance with the requirements of the EuroPrise auditing agency, preparation of a public report)

Your advantages with a EuroPriSe certification!

  • Competitive advantage against non-audited companies
  • Europe-wide validity
  • More transparency
  • Official proof of your products and services compliance with data protection law
  •  Strengthening consumer confidence in the product/service

Do you have questions? Please contact: RA Nicole Schmidt, LL.M.