Data protection in software development

Almost every application collects, processes or uses personal or sensitive data in an automated way. When developing software or apps, the programmer is advised to observe and implement data protection regulations for economic and liability reasons.

The challenges of data protection law lie, for example, in uncertain transmission paths and inadequate user information or in gathering an explicit and informed user’s consent for the data collection, processing and usage, which fully complies with data protection requirements. In addition, access rights to data from other applications are particularly important. For example, it is not necessary for an app to access the address book to use the smartphone’s flashlight. In this case the implementation of encryption algorithms can be a useful protection. Data protection and data security are increasingly expected by customers when buying or downloading a software or app. A product designed to comply with data protection is an essential quality feature for your portfolio. With our consulting services, we provide you with the essential legal requirements for your product – regardless of whether your application is still a concept, in the development phase or already in operation. We will show you which parameters are possible and useful in order to make your software or app compliant with data protection. Security creates trust – and that is what the customer wants.

Target Group

Our services aim at start-ups and companies that want to define the quality of their software products by adhering to a high data protection standard and to use this feature as a key distinguishing criterion to their competitors.

How do we help you?

  • Consulting and supporting the development of a data protection-friendly software or app
  • Consultation on the legal processing and storage of personal data
  • Demonstrating the possibilities for data protection-compliant design of your software or app beyond legal requirements

Your benefits through data protection in software development!

  • Competitive advantage – data protection as a market-oriented approach
  • Compliance with data protection regulations during automated data processing
  • Creating a sustainable software product
  • High data protection standard as increased value for your product
  • Minimization of liability risks
  • Trust and transparency for the customer

Do you have questions? Please contact: RA Nicole Schmidt, LL.M.