Coaching for data protection officers

As an appointed data protection officer, you handle a wide range of tasks within your company or law firm and have a broad knowledge and experience base. As a legal expert, you are familiar with the data protection regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz – BDSG) as well as other norms and their interpretation by current judicial decisions. Knowledge in the IT field is also recommendable. This allows you to analyze and answer the often spontaneous questions of your colleagues or customers. But what if you do not have an answer?

Do not be frightened by complex and non-common questions. Face the challenge of unknown “new” topics. The problem is probably very specific for your company or sector. Our consultation is always available for you, to show connections and work out a solution customized for your needs. In this way, you can implement your standards and achieve your goals. Advance and swiftness generate value for your company and ensure a competitive advantage in the market.

Target Group

Our offer is addressed to appointed data protection officers, who are confronted with complex and non-trivial questions, which they can not easily answer.

How do we help you?

  • Consultation for incoming and experienced data protection officers
  • Consultation on all data protection matters
  • Expertise to your disposal
  • Helping to deal with difficult issues exceeding the day-to-day business

Your advantages through our coaching for data protection officers!

  • Achieve company goals
  • Advantage in the competition
  • Calculable costs by flat-rate or individual case-based accounting
  • Find solutions through up-to-date Expertise
  • Many years of experience with consulting in various sectors
  • Time savings through fast and flexible Consulting
  • Veritable use of working hours

Do you have questions? Please contact: RA Nicole Schmidt, LL.M.