Tax consultant

The profession of tax consultant is mainly carried out on a freelance basis. In addition to advising on tax matters, they also represent clients in litigation before the tax court and advise on business management issues. When working with clients’ sensitive data and within the scope of their professional secrecy, care must therefore be taken to scrupulously comply with data protection regulations in order to maintain the trust of clients.

Every law firm is structured differently. For this reason, advice tailored to your needs is indispensable. The protection of the rights and freedoms of your clients is just as important to us as it is to you. With a reliable data protection concept, you not only secure yourself within your company, but also provide your clients with reliable protection of their data. Our advice covers all data protection issues that we address with solutions that are most effective for you.

Our consultants provide you with a high degree of trust, confidentiality, flexibility and experience. We are represented in the working group of the Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants KdöR and the German Tax Association e.V., which has set itself the goal of providing members of the profession with the necessary support for the application of the Basic Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO). We have also already published several publications on the subject of data protection and tax consultants.