With digitization, the chances of developing a good business idea and building a company based on it have grown. These newly established companies are called “start-ups“. The term describes a recently founded company, which is at the beginning of its enterprise cycle. Two special features characterize such a start-ups: There is an innovative business idea and the goal is to grow rapidly (see Before the desired growth can be achieved, the young company must face many difficulties on its way its successful positioning in the market. For example, tax, legal and business issues must be tackled first.

Start-ups therefore require fast action. They need professional and easy to understand consultants who can provide the desired results in a fast pace.

We support innovation and progress and strive to support young companies. We do not see ourselves as an advisor, but as your coach, who always provides important practical tips. Our focus is the ability to act quickly and present pragmatic solutions, which you easily understand.