Familiy Businesses

The German company landscape is characterized by a large number of family businesses. In principle, these can not be delimited precisely by their legal forms or by their size. Rather, the family business is a special type of economic organization. To this day there is no uniform definition. The Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (IfM Bonn) defines family enterprises as those companies in which the ownership and management rights are combined in the person of the entrepreneur or his family.

Due to this rather special structure, every family company is unique and has special consultation requirements with the highest demands. Only consultants with a high degree of flexibility and who are able to respond to the individual needs of the family business can prevail in this sector.

We inspire family businesses, have the greatest respect for their achievements, and consider it our most important task to adapt our way of working to your individual needs. We meet you on the same level, speak your language and live our corporate values ​​(quality, individuality, trust, respect and humanity). We are the optimal contact for you.